Swiss-T is seriously the best man I've ever had the pleasure of buying from.

A biggest set of reviews about all online research chemicals vendors and suppliers!
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I qill be honest I was sceptical at first but 3 orders in and I just have to give them their props.

Joe/ has restored my faith after so many f in scams so yeah! Thanks dude.

Please help me get a discount by mentioning my name Emma or ammey :)

Swiss_ Target & Get Chems EU-US-WW 2018-2020

New link here:

10% off for all Customer referrals. Please help us to continue to grow! :)

WOW over ALMOST 1k customers since we left Empire! I cannot believe it we've been robbed and went back again thinking we needed them. Now almost 3k returning customers.
(Empire disappeared I hear?) Pheww glad I wasn't pockets full when that happened.

We have to thank the customers! Thanks everyone who put their faith in us. We are back in business.

Email: and my (personal email) only if you do not get a reply after 24hrs

From now on UPDATES WILL GO HERE! :)

MASSIVE UPDATE: We are so happy to announce that we have gotten 3 new products that I am sure many will be happy to hear about. After spending 3 weeks in customs, we finally got it

Pure uncut Fentanyl (99%) & Oxycontin powder! We will never make profit off of the the Fent after 3 failed orders but fuck it. We're trying. Hopefully we can find a solid connect in the future. (In stock!)

Both products are minimum 2 gram orders and for expert buyer's only.

Please remember that we never cut our product! When trying, please only use half of your usual dose.

I know most vendors say they don't cut but trust us when we say, start small. We make our money but it ain't worth a death on our hands.

Scales are $15 dollars and free on orders $300 +

Thank you for all your custom through PB and forums but most of all your trust.




NEW Etonitazene (we reduced the price by half!) Old price will be reinstated next batch because we are losing on a chem that people dream of stocking.

Etonitazene is known as the king of opiods as dosages range from 3mg for an Oxycontin type energy and 6mg for that wow! It works on opiate receptors but also slightly modulated dopamine , giving that nothing has ever felt so good. We are the 1 of 2 sellers who sell it with others selling some weird half assed synth. It looks expensive but at 3-6mg dosages and tolerance hardly rising.. we paid a lot of money to get this so new customers it is probably too expensive for a first order!

Be sure to let us know what other RC's or Chems you think we should stock. We are always happy to hear your thoughts and any negatives you may have. Believe me I read everything in our Whatsapp group and I enjoy the reports so, keep them coming!

The most Suggested in the WhatsApp group,

3-MEC , 5-Meo-Dmt, 4-Fluoromethylphenidate, Isopropylphenidate
and 3, Chloromethcathinone.

We believe we can stock them shortly! So while we wait we are glad to offer 500mg of ANY PRODUCTED on the menu when you spend €$200 + also OFFER!!
Here's to a happy and positive 2020.

Rc research is as strong as ever!

It is amazing how willing Chinese labs are in making new analogues to bypass the ban. :)

We just received MDMA (green dollar), Lsd (Simpson's) ,Ketamine liquid! We have 70% white in and China white to. Not a lot but we want to see how they sell (inquire)

I have no idea on prices but we will figure out :)


ST-EU Team.


Etonitazene Freebase or HCL

(Those prices cannot be beat on the best chem we ever sold. This makes any opiod seem dull. It really is too nice)

4g $400 (All packs are airtight sealed in 4g so no 1,3,5. This has to be stored in a cool, Dry place. More so dry and away from moisture. The same with any other analogues

Larger orders please enquire for reduced prices

Can be pressed into 3mg pills to make unbelievable profit

(Maximum order 4g unless a knowledgeable or returning customers. (No money is worth a death so please be careful) if you need it cut we will do so for free. When cut 10mg will be a 3mg pure dose.


Metonitazene a new analogue but not just that a second analogue Clonitazene!! (Inquire)

Metonitazene is not only an opioid antagonist but it modulates dopamine giving a Oxy type energy but more and it is very dose dependent meaning , 10mg for a very functional high which weirdly makes
You very horny. 20mg for a full blown opioid high. *" Never take more than 20g"* Until you know your tolerance!

2F-Viminol [FREEBASE] (Back by popular demand and have decided to add it to the newcomer menu)

6g - $440 (special offer to the first 20)

Fulonyn Fentanyl (We got some very limited stock and will not be restocking due to bans in place in China)

2g - $250

4g - $450

A-PCPP - New and potent (our local tester said better than meth) never done Meth so let me know please :)

1. 5-meo mipt (A sensual chem like no other. special and hard to source)

5g - €250

50g - $750

1kg - (email for queries on wholesale)

1p-lsd a available shortly, all shipments are messed up right now.

2.Pharma grade Oxy powder (A fan fav with nothing added)

20g- $300

50g - $400

100g - $650

1kg - $ Contact me

3. Ketamine (green dragon vials or powder which is cheaper)

10g/5 vials - $250+
Powdered S isomer ket (OUT OF STOCK)

4. A-PHP (on the banned list and all sales will go to buying as much)

10g - $250

50g - $480

100g - $600

1kg - $1400 (Best price around.. resellers are charging 25per gram)

5. Hexen (saying goodbye to another legend)

20g - $350 to the next 5 customers!! 100g left and it's gone.

6. 3-MeO-PCP (Pure and that fresh sea smell, we think it's time for a new chem to take its spot e it's place and suggestions are open as we've gotten ourselves a supplier who works his own lab ( all new to me so I don't know what this even means except no more middle and just a source a me. I hope!!)

15g - $250 (BARGAIN!)

7. Etizolam (sticky - unmixed) Will cut if needed. I personally prefer mine cut as it's just horrible to handle

10g - $300

50g - $550

100g - $700

1kg - Contact for wholesale

8. NEP- (Newest natch, the tan Nep that you all seem crazy about)
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